Look for my Valentine's novella, available now in ebook and paperback (Valentine's anthology)

Red Soles in the Morning, Valentines Soaring
In book one of the series, Red Soles at Night, Christmas Delight, 
Audrey Wells and Mack Hargrave meet on Christmas Adam under inauspicious circumstances, when his dog, Winston, knocks her very expensive Louboutin shoes into Lake Washington. Disaster quickly turns to attraction and love,
but Mack must return home to Texas. As book two opens, Audrey’s Louboutins have survived their dunking, but her heart may not survive Mack’s departure. Very much in love, the two are determined to pursue what they have started, but the very high-powered careers that force them to live in different states, keep thwarting their plans to reunite. Finally, in a fit of desperation, and with some prompting by her girlfriends, Audrey decides a surprise trip to Texas will be just what they need. Will it be everything she hopes it will be…or are the cards of separation and mischance still dealt against them?

Cary Morgan Frates

Author of Contemporary Romance with a love of adventure, laughter, and the need to sail.